I started out with a singing background in musical theatre, performing as the young ‘Tootie Smith’ in the production of ‘Meet Me in St Louie’ at the Landor Theatre in London aged nine, before moving across to the commercial sector in 2016. I enjoyed training with Spirit Young Performers Company in their Elite Musical Theatre Troupe and Elite Singing Troupe from 2014 to late 2016, before joining the Spirit Young Dance Company in 2016. In 2017 I was lucky enough to be be offered a place with House of Talent School where I am currently training in commercial singing, dance and acting. I love training at the YSF because the teachers are insanely talented and so are the other kids I train with, helping me to progress and grow as a performer and team player.

My current musical influences are Dua Lipa, Rhianna, Alessia Cara and Ed Sheeran to name a few, mainly because their song-writing skills are incredible and they sing with genuine emotion.  

My vocal coach, Jay Henry (JVOX Academy) who has previously coached on The Voice UK has really helped me to grow in confidence as a singer and is always encouraging me to push my boundaries and to believe in myself. I am very grateful to be working with Jay, he is incredibly talented and his wealth of experience is invaluable .

Rebecca and Jay Henry

For the past year I have been working at River Studios in Southampton after being spotted at an Open Mic Competition. Here I have been enjoying a song-writing course.  River studios has helped me to progress with my song writing and I can't wait to share some of my original music with you.

Moving forward to 2018, I am excited to share that I will be co-writing original songs and building my EP called ' Senses' with Darren Martyn, the founder of DMUnsigned.  DMUnsigned was set up to provide a platform to unsigned artists to help to elevate them to the next level. I will be updating my music pages regularly with new songs, covers and music videos which I hope you'll enjoy!